I googled “how to write a first blog post” what I found – besides a whole heap of marketing was this.

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” 

I am somewhat creative, and have been seeking an outlet to express myself in some way. I am a high school teacher, mother of one with another on the way. This means, for my life at least, that I wont be working for a while and would like to do something for me minimum once a week – I fail every time I sign up to a gym so praying blogging sticks.

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while, a number of reasons come to mind. Mainly, I suppose, to express myself and keep my life documented – a diary never worked. I am new to the blogging world and am unsure of where to start my story. The beginning seems to far away, the middle seems dark and strangely complicated. I suppose reasoning is a way in which we can explain our decisions to others, a blog is hardly a decision requiring any reasoning, but i’ve wanted to blog about my life and my thoughts on it.

What will my page be like? Probably as messy and unexpected as my life. I have so many interests and enjoy so many different things I could not possibly blog about one specific thing. I don’t think I love these ‘activities’ enough to do them regularly either. Perhaps it’s a time management thing? A mother with less and less time as her child grows, even though said child is at pre-school three days a week. A wife looking after her husband thing? Making sure the house is in a ‘livable’ state and there is edible food readily available for a man who gets up before the sun and is home once it has set. Hopefully it is, at the very least, readable – and a way to leave your life and see mine for a brief moment whatever it ends up being I wouldn’t say no to ideas/comments/critiques interactions from other bloggers.

I don’t know how to sign off yet something will hopefully come to mind.


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